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A Block Party on Judgment Day! – Fun Tips and Thoughts

In the U.S., block or street parties are normally held either during spring or fall seasons of the year. Block parties are undertaken primarily to give the community of a particular neighborhood a chance to be together and get acquainted of their respective culture and tradition. In NYC, it is observed that in a specific neighborhood for instance, people from all walks of life get together in a non-political event setting and socialize among themselves, an opportunity to gain new friends and raise public's awareness of how diverse the community is. Our parish community held a block party for its … more »

Utilizing Talents The Right Way – Tips And Thoughts

  Each of us is endowed with unique capabilities, gifts and talents. The difference would be on how we unleash and use the said talents. Normally, these talents are innate in us, it comes naturally and since it is a gift that is bestowed on us by God, regardless of our beliefs, we're supposed to hone and give it back to glorify Him and eventually share the same with others through various ways. Having a good singing voice is one of the many natural attributes given us. By singing, you get to learn to speak to people, be it in  small or … more »

A Momentous and Historic Event – A Personal Reflection

  I thought this article would document in a way the first Filipino Mass ever performed in NY Ozone Park’s St. Mary Gates of Heaven Church’ (SMGHC), in its over 100 years of existence. SMGHC has welcomed another community to celebrate the Holy Mass in their native language, the first of which was held on December 29,2010, and the second one on February 6, 2011. It was wonderful to see all “Pinoy” parishioners flocking to the Church and celebrating the said event with some merry making and food to share after the Mass. Such occasion affirmed the Church commitment to … more »

A Sneak Preview of the 2010 Simbang Gabi in the Big Apple – Tips and Thoughts

I recall my first Simbang Gabi (or Mass at Dawn) in NYC, I braved the winter chills and the snowy weather just to complete the 9-day novena mass. That was quite a sacrifice for me as I have to travel for an hour after a busy day just to make it there on time. As a matter of fact I was constrained to write something about it as a memento as it was my very first in a foreign land and after a long respite from attending the celebration. Fortunately, the said write-up was published in one of the newsletters of one of … more »

Our Lady of Manaoag Feast Day Celebrations in NYC

For Catholics worldwide, the month of October is dedicated to Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. It is one of the major Marian feast days particularly for devotees of the Blessed Virgin Mary and believers of the significance and powers of the Holy Rosary. The feast day of Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Manaoag likewise falls in October and is consistently celebrated by Filipino migrants throughout the United States, particularly the natives of Manaoag, Pangasinan, a town which is about more than 100 miles north of Manila. The original image of Our Lady of Manaoag is currently … more »

San Lorenzo Ruiz Enthronement – A Significant Event

  For Filipino migrants in the United States, particularly in NYC’s Queens area , the enthronement of San Lorenzo Ruiz (SLR) at the Holy Child Jesus (HCJ) Church was truly a blessing! When HCJ’s Parish Administrator (Rev. Father Francis Colamaria)  met with the Filipino leadership apostolate two months ago and discussed about plans for SLR’s image enthronement in the church, there was no hesitation at all from both sides!. Said plan was actually opportune and timely as the enthronement was to be undertaken within the centennial celebration period of HCJ, which  made it more signficant.   The installation of SLR’s 4-ft. image at HCJ may … more »

The Fun and Fitness of Line Dancing*: A Phenomenon – Tips and Thoughts

Back in my home country, I hardly experience  the so-called “line dancing” perhaps due to the nature of my previous work and the lack of time for extracurricular activities. I was relatively new in the U.S. when line dance (LD) was introduced to me by a hometown-mate at a festival. I wasn’t pretty much attracted to it at first because I didn’t have the drive in knowing it just then. It is not that I don’t have the knack for dancing, as a matter of fact at some point in my younger days, I get to be invited  in dance troupes. … more »

Managing A Choir – Relevance of Teamwork – Tips and Thoughts

  Almost five months ago, our choir grew from 1 to 13 members and it has even flourished to 20 more or less. However, as time goes by, the group experienced some ups and downs: a few have expressed to leave for family and work-related reasons and to pursue studies while others just couldn’t attend rehearsals on full time basis so as to focus on personal matters. While I do recognize the fact that these incidents happen naturally in any organization, I didn’t expect that things will go down hill too soon. I thought it was normal to be sad for … more »

Organizing A Choir – 3rd Series of Tips and Thoughts

Hello, folks, I’m here again to blog about the subject. Please bear with me, if I may sound like so excited to give you updates on how our choir is doing. It is just so amazing how God answers prayers – indeed, sometimes in really strange unexpected ways, right? As in some choir groups, our newly formed choir is made up of busy volunteers from our parish who view their membership as a stewardship of their 3T’s, time, treasure and talent? Rather than being with their respective families during weekends, the members find time to be with the group for … more »

Organizing A Choir – First Series of Useful Tips And Thoughts

Last February, I received a communication from the Apostolate requesting me to guide and lead the singing during the mass. Wow, what an effortless request! But little did I know that it was a form of spiritual leadership accompanied by a critical responsibility brought upon on my shoulder. What could I say? How could I say no to the call for help for God’s glory? I simply responded in affirmative, and everything started there! I thought that was one way of touching me to be of help to others in the humblest way I can, which incidentally is one of … more »