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A Grain of Rice for the Poor! – Tips and Thoughts

Did you know that there are 925 million(almost a billion) undernourished throughout the globe, majority of whom are children in South Asia, particularly China and India? Yes folks, the said data was culled out from the UN’s World Food Program (WFP), a large humanitarian organization whose primary goal is to end world hunger. But of all places worldwide, why China and India? Of course, one may be surprised how come there are still millions of hungry people in the said countries despite their progress in terms of building major national and agricultural infrastructure. We are likewise cognizant of the fact … more »


Counting Blessings: A Secret To Happiness!

“Count your blessings” is an old adage we hear oftentimes from people which most of us can relate to regardless of location, ability, gender and socio-economic status. But how frequent do people  count their blessings?  Always? Once, twice,  thrice a day?   We really don’t have any idea and there is no way we can quantify it, there is no rule of thumb for this!   As long as we are happy and contented despite the lack of resources, that should be the very essence of life. The fact that we are willing to share what we have with the … more »

Let It Snow, Let It Snow…..

  What happened on the 21st of January even off my frustration last December. I was expecting a white christmas celebration but no snowfall came. Last Saturday, however, I woke up with snowfalls gently knocking on my door! It was beautiful to see the roads all covered with fine crystals of snow. Being a snow buff, I went out straightaway to enjoy the snowfalls even if they were starting to fade away. I simply revelled in the winter beauty of the earth and the said snowfalls perfectly made my day! It's just amazing how nature make us happy! Right guys? … more »

The Love For Dancing – Tips and Thoughts

  Just like music, dance or dancing is also a form of universal language. It's one way of socializing with other people of every race, nationality, religion or other ethnic groups throughout the world. In dancing, there is a natural expression of joyful feeling that is being drawn out from our inner selves! I'm not sure if you've experienced this but in my case dancing exudes a certain aura of peace, happiness and confidence and it also encourages other people to  join in the merry making. It's simply contagious! Dancing makes us fit and happy, and that's the reason why … more »

A Block Party on Judgment Day! – Fun Tips and Thoughts

In the U.S., block or street parties are normally held either during spring or fall seasons of the year. Block parties are undertaken primarily to give the community of a particular neighborhood a chance to be together and get acquainted of their respective culture and tradition. In NYC, it is observed that in a specific neighborhood for instance, people from all walks of life get together in a non-political event setting and socialize among themselves, an opportunity to gain new friends and raise public's awareness of how diverse the community is. Our parish community held a block party for its … more »

Utilizing Talents The Right Way – Tips And Thoughts

  Each of us is endowed with unique capabilities, gifts and talents. The difference would be on how we unleash and use the said talents. Normally, these talents are innate in us, it comes naturally and since it is a gift that is bestowed on us by God, regardless of our beliefs, we're supposed to hone and give it back to glorify Him and eventually share the same with others through various ways. Having a good singing voice is one of the many natural attributes given us. By singing, you get to learn to speak to people, be it in  small or … more »

The Essence of Good Friday – Tips and Thoughts

In the interest of the first timers here at, the Good Friday reflection posted last year centered on the roles played by Peter, Judas Iscariot and Pontius Pilate and how their actions relate to and infuence us nowadays. The said blog article made reference to Mell Gibson's  movie, The Passion of the Christ, for description purposes. For this year, the author shall attempt to discuss the merits of Good Friday observance. Did you know that for Christians, specifically Catholics , fasting and abstinence are officially observed on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday? As mentioned in my earlier blog, Good Friday is … more »

The Logic Behind The Washing Of The Feet – Tips and Thoughts For Maundy Thursday

  Today is myusefultips100th blog post! Yeah, big deal and HOORAY for all you guys out there! However, since it falls on Holy Week, no merry making will be held.   Today is also  the time wherein the feet of many of our Christian brothers all over the world are being washed by priests and pastors during liturgical rites to commemorate Jesus’ washing of the feet of the 12 Apostles. The Last Supper of Jesus with the Apostles and His revelation that one of them will eventually betray Him likewise happened  on this day.  One of the young girls asked me, "Why did … more »


  Last Monday night after completing a certain project, I got the chance to watch a live baseball game at NYC's Citifield Mets Stadium courtesy of some non profit org connections. So, what's the big deal? Nothing really, except that it was a pain in the butt as the New York Mets team lost to the Colorado Rockies after almost 4 hours of being exposed to the chilly weather, sitting, cheering and chanting, “LET'S GO METS, LET'S GO METS……, of course with the boom beat”! Seriously, the game was fun and exciting, the support and exuberance of the crowd was … more »

Loyalty To One’s Country:A Forgotten Virtue? – Tips and Thoughts

The song “”Bayan Ko” (or “My Country”) describes in so many  ways a person’s loyalty to one's country, like that  of a person who is in a far-off place facing sacrifices and challenges.  For those who are not well versed with the song and therefore couldn't relate with its message, in view of language barrier, it doesn't really matter but for those who may be curious to know what it is all about, the song simply refers to nationalism and loyalty to one's country. This blog shall not endeavor to dig into the origins of the song, its evolution and how … more »