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A Fashion Show For A Good Cause: Breast Cancer Awareness

My cousin who is based in Canada learned about her breast cancer 10 years ago. She was in remission for few years but unfortunately the harmful cells went beyond the affected areas, spreading to another major part of her body. But she’s amazing, she gets up each day and brave enough to fight and overcome the agony, hoping and praying for God’s miracle that her cancer cells will be eliminated. As I’m writing this blog, I can’t help but imagine the physical and emotional pain she’s currently going through. I am powerless but I can only offer my best wishes … more »


The Nerds and Geeks of NYC’s “Lab Ratz”: The Stage Play!

There are times in our life wherein we encounter friends who are slightly different from the majority normal average people. These are men and women who are presently called “nerds” or “geeks” and sometimes mistaken as “genius”, or probably they could be! Have you run into some of them? I did! He had a clean-shaven face, boy-next-door type but with thick glasses on. Some of  my teen chums viewed him as weird as his jokes were “out-of-this world”; his anti-social outlook made him boring. He was too preoccupied with books and studies which according to him quite made him a … more »

Friends In Need…. : Tips and Thoughts

  Are friends in deed, indeed! Some would say, you're a “real” friend when you're around in good and most particularly in bad times. That's why we are truly blessed when we are endowed with friends who are there when we needed them the most, minus vested interests. The lack of material things, monetary and non-monetary, is definitely not a hindrance to comfort a friend in need. Our presence and some other form of assistance are more than enough to express our love and concern for a friend who's experiencing life's uncertainties and problems.  The tropical storm “Sendong” or “Washi” … more »

Good Bye 2010, What A Day To Close It! – Memories and Thoughts

It was the day before the brand New Year start! 31st of December to be exact, we were supposed to be with a close family friend to celebrate the night until the New Year’s Eve, as planned. A very close  buddy of mine, however, was on a brief holiday  vacation in NYC for the first time and I had to attend to and accompany her on tour related matters. I never expected that my last day of 2010 could be so hectic and mobile. At 11:00 am, I literally rushed to the hotel where my friend was billeted, just few hours from … more »

The Bare Essence of Life – Tips and Thoughts

During our childhood days, some of us may have been taught by our first teachers about the virtue of Faith. We’ve learned then that there are three basic tenets why human beings are created, i.e., to know, to love and to serve God. As years passed, the more we’ve learned more things and gained experiences, the more the said tenets are taken for granted and kept back to experiment and cherish on “material” things (e.g. love of money, career, achievements, prestige, honor, self acclaim, etc.) which act as decoys of the evil spirits to drive us away from  focusing on making … more »

The Fun and Fitness of Line Dancing*: A Phenomenon – Tips and Thoughts

Back in my home country, I hardly experience  the so-called “line dancing” perhaps due to the nature of my previous work and the lack of time for extracurricular activities. I was relatively new in the U.S. when line dance (LD) was introduced to me by a hometown-mate at a festival. I wasn’t pretty much attracted to it at first because I didn’t have the drive in knowing it just then. It is not that I don’t have the knack for dancing, as a matter of fact at some point in my younger days, I get to be invited  in dance troupes. … more »

Useful Tips On How To Widen Circle of Friends

Did you know that February is the International Friendship Month? Well, Yes! So, that makes it extraordinary and timely to celebrate the special bond among friends! I remember this particular verse from a song: “No man is an island, No man stands alone..” which merely reiterates that all people throughout the world, even great men and women, recognize the importance of friendship. This blog is my way of appreciating and paying tribute to the word “Friendship” and to all of my wonderful friends! Here are some tips on how to win new friends: 1. Knock on Door of Your Neighbors … more »