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Smart Kid!!

Remember Lance who was featured in this blog as the Wonder boy? (Check the article:  “A Wonder Boy, He Truly Is”) Well, he is now in his 5th Grade and a consistent top student in class since then. He was chosen to represent their school in the recently  concluded Middle Grade Regional Math Bee . Out of 15 participants from different catholic schools in NYC, Lance made it to the next round, the Diocesan Math Bee, with the other Top 5 contenders which will be held this month.   Wow, what can I say!  Raise the roof, Philippines! Lance, we are … more »

Simple Wishes From Young Minds – A New Year’s Resolution

  Ordinarily, when students go back to school in January after the winter or Christmas break , they would be asked by their teachers to list down their New Year's Resolutions. Based on experience, it is much easier to encourage middle school kids to formulate their resolutions than those in high school and college. New Year's resolutions can be similar to formulation of short, medium or long-term plans and programs in a corporate or business settings. The need to review the past year's performance and make assessments on which areas or operations should be stopped or would require improvements are … more »

A Wonder Boy, he truly is!

Lance, a 7- year old cute smart kid is currently enrolled in a private school in the heart of Manhattan. He just came from Singapore as his Mom's work (an expat) requires him to transfer from one place to another. Just like normal kids, he loves to play any kind of games, from high tech stuffs to simple paper planes and rubber band games. Some high end games which I would say he's an expert at it would include those which are found in his iPad , Nintendo 3Ds, plus his collections of pokemon cards. Don't dare to pretend to … more »


Education in Science and Technology: The Focal Point

Education is for everyone. This is true if all of us have the interest for it and have the means to acquire the same. Undeniably, it is the right of each and everyone of us to go to school and learn. However, what is actually happening is that there are some who have been deprived of the said fundamental right mainly for economic reasons. UN-MDG monitor for Goal No. 2 revealed that while there have been strides in enrollment in primary education (about 6% increase from 2000 to 2008), it is still not enough to be able to hit the … more »

Investing in Education: A Global Partnership

  Education is one need in life which is close to my heart! Is it simply because I don't have anything, but this?  Education plays a crucial role in shaping a person's career path and professional growth with the end view of becoming successful someday, i.e, getting better jobs and earning more. However, most of us know that even in the field of education, obviously there is a rising social class and inequality. Talented students whose parents can afford to send them to top-tiered schools would have better job opportunities and potentially could be accepted to occupy managerial posts in … more »


Cash Grants – A Poor WoMan’s Hope To Economic Recovery

Lydia, a widow in her late 30′s and with five (5) children to rear, lives in one of the poorest rural places in South East Asia. Just like majority of the women in the said place, Lydia is a homemaker used to spending most of her time attending to their young children’s needs even during the time when her husband was still strong to till the soil of their landlord. Despite the hardships however, Lydia and her husband were happy and contented with what they have, with the only one full meal a day, and even without the basic needs … more »

The Value Of Quality Learning: A Three-Pronged Effort

I have always perceived the U.S., an advanced economy, as the place where one can find the best of everything, especially in education system. This may be the reason why some people in most of developing economies, would strive their best to acquire a scholarship grant so as to achieve their dreams of getting higher education in an Ivy League schools or any schools for that matter in the U.S. (or in any developed countries), with the expectation that when they return home they would be able to pull back their ailing country from the brink of economic collapse either … more »

How To Have Fun on Easter With Kids – Cool E-Friendly Useful Tips!

  In view of the difficulties that most of us are facing these trying times,  one way of making  Easter more meaningful and memorable to children, is by celebrating it in a non-traditional way.  Gathering and telling  them  the story about Jesus' Resurrection, with a 30-minute movie animation on the subject as part of the presentation can be explored. In so doing, the kids would be able to understand pretty well why and what happened to Jesus during His last days on earth. There are a bunch of DVDs and CD's for kids available in the market. Just make sure that what … more »

Lenten Works of Small Hands – Cool Tips and Thoughts

  Lent is a time for praying, a time for sharing, a time for helping, a time of sacrificing, a time of asking God's mercy and pardon, a time of forgiving people, and most of all,  a time to prepare for Easter. Grabbing an idea from the school's lenten calendar,  I asked the kids one day if they happen to know someone going through a hard time and if so, to make a card or scribble a note for them to cheer them up and to let them know that they are in their prayers. Here are some of the kids works and … more »

Managing Post-Christmas and New Year’s Presentation – Tips and Thoughts

The first day of class after the Christmas break was something to look forward to. Just like me, the kids probably had a happy excited feeling about their post Christmas and New Year pageant, particularly those who were in the main cast of the presentation. Before the play date, I was quite jittery which made me entertain negative thoughts about classes being cancelled due to impending snow storms, and therefore the play may no longer be pursued which could make us all frustrated. Anyway, I shunned the said negative tendencies and prepared myself for any eventualities. Come the big day, … more »