Simbang Gabi (Dawn Mass) – Series and Developments

  Two weeks ago, I wrote about the Simbang Gabi at St. Patrick’s Cathedral which kicked off all the Simbang Gabi masses in the tri-state area. As mentioned in my previous blog, Simbang Gabi has become one of the most important religious traditions, especially for Catholics in the U.S. A series of Simbang Gabi was held in one of  the local community Parishes where I regularly visit. A humble missionary priest, Rev. Fr. Richard M., who has recently been assigned in NYC was tasked  to officiate the said masses for the entire duration of the nine-day novena. The beauty of this … more »

Christmas Blizzard Aftermath and Its Images – Tips and Thoughts

  While I was excited on the first snow fall, especially at Christmas time, the blizzard warning for the East Coast was something to be worried about. I was correct as the projected 11 to 16 inches of snow was actually much heavier ranging from  17 to 31 inches within the tri-state area ( New Jersey, New York and Connecticut) and affected thousands of people. According to tri-media reports, yesterday's blizzard left thousands of families with no power and electricity, operation of major airports and railways were shut down stranding so many passengers and official and business establishments have been closed, crippling the economy … more »

The First 2010 Snow Fall in the Big Apple

  When I was young, I am always amazed of hearing Christmas stories about Winterland and White Christmas. It is probably because of my innocence about the subject matter and likewise my fondness of white things such as snow. When I learned a week ago from the AccuWeather forecast that NYC may experience White Christmas Day, I had this secret feeling of joy inside me just like a kid! I like the fact that there will be real snow falls or snow flakes to watch from my window…..and then all of a sudden Santa Klaus comes in and knocks at the door to … more »

The Amazing Joy of Christmas Carols – Tips and Thoughts

Singing Christmas Carols? Has anyone of you experienced this before? As Christmas day is almost upon us, I would like to share with you my nostalgic recollection and happy memories of Christmas carols when I was still small. Some of my siblings, friends and I would go practically from door-to-door of our neighbors singing Christmas carols. After school, we gathered at our house and practiced the songs with so much gusto. Innocent kids as we were, there were instances where we simply couldn’t pronounce the words very well and it was so funny as most of the times, we butchered … more »

A Sneak Preview of the 2010 Simbang Gabi in the Big Apple – Tips and Thoughts

I recall my first Simbang Gabi (or Mass at Dawn) in NYC, I braved the winter chills and the snowy weather just to complete the 9-day novena mass. That was quite a sacrifice for me as I have to travel for an hour after a busy day just to make it there on time. As a matter of fact I was constrained to write something about it as a memento as it was my very first in a foreign land and after a long respite from attending the celebration. Fortunately, the said write-up was published in one of the newsletters of one of … more »