Helpful Natural Tips For Healthy Hair

Believe it or not, this is the fist time in my life that I have been extra conscious of my hair.  Before, I just couldn’t care less how my hair looked as long as it was clean, smelled good, and tolerable (not horrible!), then that was it! . Businesses involve in beauty salons and hair care products may have gone into insolvency if all of the women have followed my footsteps. I am just the type of person wherein beauty salons and parlors were  not part of weekly agenda .  When I was in my teens, I wore a real long … more »

Helpful Tips For Parents To Improve Their Children’s Study Habits

I would have wanted to give out survey questionnaires to the kids at school about their study habits but I decided to put it off . I found out that there are various studies and researches already conducted on the subject with both parents and students as respondents using random sampling.The result of said research suggested various ways and means on how parents handle and manage the learning habits of their children. What I did was to compile and select the more doable and feasible strategies especially for working mothers who have very limited time or who have to divide … more »

My Useful Do-It Yourself Tips For Springtime: Low Cost, High Class Flower Arrangement

Springtime has officially begun two days ago. While the cool crisp air is still hovering around, the smiling sun has powerfully come out from the horizon making my days warm, brighter and  cheerful .  Before, I dreaded the scorching heat and the humid climate in the eastern part of the globe that I would usually pine for cold spring and fall season days. It is only now that I realize the importance of sunlight, after long months of winter hibernation. Nevertheless, I am still grateful that my body has naturally and easily adapted to the 4 seasons that West has. Before … more »

Useful and Tested Dine Out Tips For New York City’s Visitors And Diners Everywhere

  Three days ago, I had an intelligent excuse to sneak out freely …..a precious gift for that particular day so to speak. It was a dine out in one of the fine dining restaurants along 42nd St. in Manhattan!  But lo and behold, the restaurant seemed to have disappeared and when found, there was a very long queue which was quite impossible to get in there before closing time!  I'll reserve my privacy rights on why I was given the said privilege, rather I wish to share with you the lessons learned and some useful tips on how to … more »

A Poem By E. Browning – My Useful Treat Tip for Women Celebrating Wedding Anniversaries This Month

In recognition of the women celebrating their paper, tin/aluminum, ivory, china or silver wedding anniversaries for the month of March, I would like to salute you for the dedication, faithfulness and commitment to your vows. With the lures and temptations around us, it seems like fidelity and commitment are fast losing their place in this world. So, hats off to all of you and keep it up!!!  Marriage is an open-ended commitment. No one knows if one or the other would be faithful to the end. But it is possible – only it requires more than strength of a Superman … more »

Freshly Pearly Smile Treat Tip – The Baking Soda Phenomenon

Speaking about baking soda! Didn’t I just mention about it earlier as one of the main ingredients for the Irish soda bread? Oh yes! But for now it is for something you’ve probably heard for years from your grandparents or Mom and Dad or even recently from your buddies. I myself have heard it too. What I’m talking about is…… The Baking Soda: As an eco-friendly alternative to toothpaste we’ve been used to since time immemorial. Yep it can be used as an agent to whiten our teeth and freshen our mouth! We’ve heard it right but have we tried … more »

First Week of Spring – Tip For Big Apple’s Visitors (St. Patrick’s Day)

There are compelling reasons why I would like to write about St. Patrick’s  Day  as exception to the rule and a slight deviation from the primary objective of my blog site, particularly for the month of March . Nevertheless, for those who have been following my site, you will still find more or less useful tips for women in this article as you read along the way. Here are the rationale: 1.In recognition of and with due respect to St. Patrick whom I do admire for his courage and endurance. At a very young adolescent age he already faced such … more »

Camera Conscious – My Useful Treat Tip

Almost all of the latest state-of- the- art cellular phones have decent built-in camera but I am still a buff of a real one. While I do admit that I can still be picture conscious or camera shy especially if it is someone I don’t know who is clicking it, my being an aficionado of designing photo galleries still makes me pose my best shot just for the heck of it! Indeed, a picture can paint a thousand words and that what makes a camera so priceless to all of us. To hit the market pretty soon, the most recently … more »

Cool Useful Tips For A Nice Read – Nine Rooms of Happiness

This new released book jointly authored by Lucy Danziger and Catherine Birndorf may be more or less interrelated with my earlier write up about tips for staying young, living longer and aging happily. The suggested tips which were spelled out in the said particular blog could very well echo the approaches mentioned in the book on how to make every woman’s life and dreams a reality – despite the blotches, weaknesses, trials and tribulations encountered in every room in the house.  The said book is a short story, a metaphor which basically describes all about women’s dreams, complications, frustrations and … more »

A Multi-Millionaire After A Year – My Treat Tip For the Awesome Nurses Out There

Did you know that…… Based on an annual survey of physician’s salaries, medical centers last year offered higher salaries and incentives to specialist nurses than to primary care doctors? According to Meritt Hawkins and Associates (MHA), primary care doctors were offered an average base salary of $173,000 in 2009 vis-à-vis the average base salary of $189,000 for certified nurse anesthetist or CRNAs? MHA’s projections for 2010 showed that CRNAs average base salary ($186,000) will still be higher compared to family physicians ($178,000) ? *CRNAs are advanced practice nurses who administer anesthesia to patients. A salient difference between CRNAs and anesthesiologist … more »